Essays/Books on or relating to Alfred Ronald Heaver (1900-1980)


1 1969 “All Believers are Brothers” anthology of essays by or interviews with leading figures in spiritual and political roles, ed. Roland Gammon. With a terse autobiographical chapter edited from a longer essay by A.R.Heaver. No ISBN. Published by Doubleday. (This autobiographical essay is published in more detail with explanatory notes in 8, see below)

2 2002-2004 On-line essays by R.J.Stewart including “A.R.Heaver and the Glastonbury Zodiac” and an account of meetings with ARH in the 1970s.

3 2003 “The Old Sod” biography (various contributors) of author and Kabbalist W.G.Gray, ed. A. Richardson & M.Claridge, includes Gray’s account of visiting ARH, plus the first biographical summary of ARH’s life to be published since 1969 (see 1 above). ISBN 9781903768143. Published by Ingotus Press, reissued by Skylight Press.

4 2005 (Summer) Avalon Magazine: Article on ARH by Paul Fletcher

5 2006 (Spring) Avalon Magazine: Article on ARH by R.J.Stewart

6 2008 The Sphere of Art (vol 1) R.J.Stewart. Includes accounts of personal meetings, and spiritual methods developed from conversations with ARH in the 1970s. ISBN 0979140266

7 2012 The Sphere of Art (Vol 2) Aesch Mezareph, The Purifying Fire R.J.Stewart. Explores insights into methods within the Kabbalistic alchemical text Aesch Mezareph (the words are carved on ARH’s gravestone in Keinton Mandeville churchyard). ISBN 9780981924694.

{ 7a & 7b comprise further reading on Qabalistic and theurgic methods}:

7a 2016 The Sphere of Art (vol III) The Book of the Inner Convocation and Inner Temple Traditions. R.J.Stewart. ISBN 9780985600648.

7b 2002 revised 2023, The Miracle Tree: Demystifying Qabalah.  R.J.Stewart. ISBN 9798987938102

8 2012 The Hidden Adept and the Inward Vision The Story of Ronald Heaver, Polly Wood, and the Sanctuary of Avalon. A substantial biography, with an expanded section on the esoteric aspects of the Glastonbury Star Temple, the influence of Dr G.A.Goodchild and British Israel connections to Glastonbury and Chalice Well. Includes many previously unpublished letters by ARH and Polly Wood, spiritual writings, teachings received and given by ARH, Sanctuary of Avalon Vigil notices, plus evidence of ARH’s role in Naval Intelligence in the 1930s and 1940s. Detailed bibliography, footnotes, and source references, including those from private correspondence, the Scottish National Library archives, Austrian State Archives, British Israel World Federation, The Garden Tomb Association etc. ISBN 9780985600600

9 2014 “Ronald Heaver, the Man and the Mission of Albion” small format booklet. A collection of personal reminiscences published by Chalice Well, Glastonbury; includes some of ARHs spiritual writings with several items previously published in the sources listed above. Contains good photographs. (No ISBN) 

From a talk given by R.J.Stewart, in support of The Library of Avalon, Glastonbury Town Hall, October 29th, 2015.


The Sanctuary of Avalon